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Have You Ever Seen The Swimming Pool Of Sand?

Have You Ever Swim in The Pool of Sand?

We go to the beach and swim in the sea but have you ever think about swimming in the nearby sand? absolutely No. But you can swim in the sand by using the concept of Science. 

Now you know that swimming in the sand is possible using science technique. The mixture of sand and air makes it possible to swim in the sand. When air is mixed in the sand then the gravitational force for the individual sand particles become less and sand acts like a fluid. 

This concept is not new. It is called Fluidized bed. Fluidized beds are used in industry for various reasons. You can also enjoy this fluidized bed as the swimming pool and also make it in your home with some extra accessories. Watch the video for seeing it in action and know more about the fluidized bed. Thanks to Mark Rober for this amazing experiment. 

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