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What is the Battery Free Phone? - No Charging Again

 The first battery-free cellphone design that consumes only a few micro-watts of power.

The students of University of Washington designed the cellphone that does not need any battery and never needs to charge. This cellphone is in the improvement phase. Currently calling facility is available. 

battery free cellphone also does not has any display screen. This phone uses the power from nearby ambient light and radio signals. You can talk as long as you want because your phone battery will never get discharged.

The researchers are working to improve the phone functionality and also planning to add the video stream facility with the help of low power E-ink screen.

This phone has the very simple specification. This is 1.7 inches wide and  3.1 inches in length and contains a microphone for sending voice, Capacitive touchpad for dialling number, earphone jack to listen to the sound and harvester that generate the power for calling.

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