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An Ink Made Of Air Pollution

The world's first ink made out of air pollution

The idea of manufacturing Air-ink is to use the air pollution as ink. This is water resistance,  refillable, high-quality and safe.

Air-ink is made of the unburned carbon soot you see coming out of the exhaust pipe of cars, chimneys, generators, and more. A device KAALINK is used to capture soot that is already being emitted from vehicles. KAALINK is retrofitted to the exhaust pipe of vehicles/generators to capture the outgoing pollutants.

You can use air-ink for printing, calligraphy, street painting etc. Garviky Labs is the company that is providing the air-ink as markers.

The concept behind the Air-ink is to place the air pollution as ink, not in your lounges. You can support the project on Kickstarter. 


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