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Why You Should Have Raspberry Pi in Your Life

Before start reading this you should know about the Raspberry Pi.

What is Raspberry Pi?
In a simple word, Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized and low-cost computer that can perform most of the tasks as a normal computer like working on word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint etc, and can be used for programming and gaming but don't expect high performance. You will only get the board so you need a monitor or TV, keyboard, and mouse to operate it.

Why Raspberry Pi?
Raspberry Pi is not limited as a desktop computer, it can be used for various awesome projects from switching on/off your room fan to providing security to your home and office. Some of the usages are:

  • Learn programming languages like python, Scratch, and more.
  • Browse the internet and watch movies.
  • Build projects like a weather station, a robot with the ability to perform tasks that you want.
  • Use it to convert your home into a smart home with the capability of controlling your fan, light bulb, door lock, and much more.

You can visit the Raspberry Pi official website to find awesome projects made by people and also start building your own. If you are a parent then you can teach your kids about programming and much more with this tiny computer.

Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest model released by the organization. You can buy it from their website by checking the authorized sellers.

Some coolest and helpful projects with Raspberry Pi

1. The Parent Detector

This project is from the official Raspberry Pi. If you want to keep track of your kids to see their activities then you can make you Raspberry Pi do that. It will record a video clip by sensing the motion.

2. Weather Station

If you are planning to start a local weather station, then you can start with the power of Raspberry pi. You need some extra component to build it but it will be a cool educational project for students.

3. Convert any Oridanry TV to Smart TV

Raspberry has the power to convert your normal TV to smart TV. You can access all smart TV features like Netflix, Youtube, live tv, etc. You only need to configure your raspberry pi to do that. You'll find lots of easy tutorials on the internet to set it up.

4. Make A Gaming Machine

It is very simple to convert your Raspberry Pi to the retro gaming console, You can play the game on a big screen or smaller in a screen as per your need. You need to buy a Raspberry Pi and install the RetroPie to get started with your gaming journey.

5. Start Your own FM channel

With Raspberry Pi, you can broadcast your FM channel to a limited area. Before building this you should know that it is an offense to interfere with local FM frequencies, so use this with responsibility. You can play songs on your FM channel, broadcast yourself live, and much more as FM channel does.

These are a few of the projects that you can do with your Raspberry Pi. But the list is very big and lots of impossible things you can make with your imagination. 

So Raspberry Pi can be your own Desktop PC, home guard, internet access security device,  your gaming console, and much more. It is beneficial for kids and students to learn about computer programming and understanding the electric circuits.

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