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Ultra Advance Humanoid Bluetooth Speaker

The new generation super bluetooth speaker with ultra advanced features. This bluetooth speaker looks like a superhero model. Its features makes it a real super hero.
Kalium Labs developed this ultra advance bluetooth speaker which can do many things. It has ambient lights, a built-in smoke machine, and more other features.
Smoke Machine:
The most awesome feature of this speaker is a built-in smoke machine. This smoke machine can make the environment more impressive. This smoke machine is water based so no need to spend more money to get smokey environment again.

Ambient Lamp:
This bluetooth speaker comes with ambient lamp. This LED based ambient lamp has 16 million variants which makes it more cool and enjoyable. Smoke machine with ambient light is a perfect combination for creating an impressive and amazing environment around you.

Wi-Fi Extender:
If you have more than one Heroes Bluetooth Speaker then you can connect all with each other and spread the music through your home. It has capacity of connection upto 12 Sound Heroes. 
Wireless Charging:
This is the another most amazing feature of this speaker. Wireless Charging is also included with this so you can charge your mobile wirelessly. 
Summarising all of these features, It is the most awesome all in one bluetooth speaker with extraordinary design and features. It also comes in eleven different colours. This speaker is available on fund raising website. 

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  1. WWAAAAOOOOOOOOOOO outstanding invention.Its design and shape is just awesome.
    thanks to inform us about this gadget. MY team Bluetooth Speaker appreciate your work. Thanks


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