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Fuze Card: Future Swipe Card For Every Need

Your Whole Wallet in One Card

Nowadays, Every person has different type of cards. Sometimes, it becomes very painful to put three to six card in wallet which cause bulky wallet. To vanish this problem, a new type of card is introduced that can be use as credit card, debit card, library card, gift card etc.

This card has different type of features including remote wipe technology which provide the facility to remove the all data information from Fuze card in case of theft, it can keep upto 30 card, it has awesome feature of E-Paper display so you can view the transaction details directly on your card, optional EMV chip and location tracking. This card can be use in regular ATMs.

Fuze card also has iOS/Android app that can use to manage the finance details. It is available for Pre-order on its official website. that can cost minimum $89 as seen on website.

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