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INUPATHY - A Gadget To Know The Emotions Of Your Dog

A collar which changes colour depending on your dog's mood has been developed by a biologist in Japan.
The Inupathy collar monitors the animal's heart rhythms and displays whether they are calm, excited, happy or concentrating. It can also be used by owners to hear beyond the barks and learn how to manage stressful environments.
The device's co-founder, Joji Yamaguchi, says he invented the device because he wanted to gain a better understanding of his dog's emotions.

Just wrap the device around Fido, and INUPATHY will visualize his feeling.The color and light pattern will show you whether he is happy, excited, relaxed.
INUPATHY will give you deeper understanding of your dog by showing his feeling in real-time.
It will enrich your dog-life quality.

INUPATHY is designed like a harness. You simply slip it around your dogs body. A heart rate sensor is mounted on the belt, and the full color LEDs on the back will show the dogs emotional state, 
estimated from the heart rate pattern analysis.

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